Product recall notifications for peace of mind

Real-time notifications for the exact products and brands you use.


Customized Alerts

Tailor your safety preferences with Recall Kitchen's customizable alerts. Specify the brands, keywords, or names that matter to you, and receive notifications that keep you informed about the products you care about.

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Empowering Safety Decisions

Make informed decisions about the products you use. Recall Kitchen provides you with the essential information you need to prioritize your safety and the safety of your loved ones.

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Trusted Accuracy

Rely on Recall Kitchen's commitment to accuracy and reliability. Count on us to deliver only the most relevant and verified recall information, so you can trust the alerts you receive.

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Your Safety, Your Way

Take control of your safety journey with Recall Kitchen. Customize your preferences, receive timely alerts, and stay informed on your terms.

Effortless Safety Management

Managing your safety has never been easier. With Recall Kitchen, you can seamlessly integrate recall notifications into your everyday routine.

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Stay Informed in Real-Time

Stay ahead of product recalls with our real-time monitoring. We scour United States government resources and data to ensure you receive the latest recall information as soon as it's available.

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User-Friendly Interface

Simplify your safety routine with Recall Kitchen's user-centric design. Our intuitive interface lets you effortlessly set up and manage your notification preferences, ensuring you're always in control.

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Catch unsafe products in your home